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    Our Story

    From California's Sierras to the North Cascades in the Pacific Northwest, the wilderness beckoned two young adventurers, Pejmon and Steven. Their bond was forged in 2014 amidst nature's grandeur and the thrill of the unexplored.

    Their journeys soon revealed the harsh reality of human impact on pristine landscapes. The alarming fact that an individual consumes around 7 trees worth of paper goods annually sparked a sense of responsibility in them.

    In the heart of the wild, the concept of nTRADA Apparel emerged. It was more than a brand; it was an embodiment of adventurous spirit intertwined with environmental consciousness. The goal was simple - design durable apparel that honors nature.

    nTRADA Apparel stands at the intersection of sustainability and outdoor thrill. Our products, made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester, are tailored for both tranquil trails and exhilarating descents, minimizing environmental footprints.

    Beyond apparel, each purchase contributes to global rewilding. Through collaborations with 'One Tree Planted', every item sold helps plant a tree, marking steps towards restoration.

    nTRADA Apparel reflects Pejmon and Steven's passion for nature and their commitment to preserving it. They invite you to partake in an adventure that cherishes the wild and leaves a lasting, green legacy.

    Join us, gear up for a journey where every adventure makes a difference.


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